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Hyper Who?

Hypermagix Studios is a professional web design & development company in Singapore. Our mission is to give Singapore small businesses awesome websites that get real-world results!

We were tired of seeing deeply disappointing small business websites. We were tired of so-called “affordable website design” meaning rip-offs, underperforming websites, poor visual design concepts and lack of support. Honestly, we were tired of being tired.

So we decided to right this wrong, and Hypermagix Studios was born in 2007.

Why choose Hypermagix Studios?

We provide a complete website solution with no hidden costs.

Clean, straightforward, professional and effective websites for small businesses in Singapore. You might think they are a budget website creator, except their sites don't look it! You won't find this level of quality, attention to detail, creativity and professionalism anywhere for less. Seriously.

When we say "affordable", we really mean it.

We stress affordability rather than cheapness because trying to be the cheapest means that you would have to cut all costs and all corners to keep prices rock bottom. We think there are some costs and some corners that shouldn’t be cut if you want to get an end result which is worth the investment you’re making – Don’t worry though, we certainly aren’t expensive, and we won’t try to get you in and out of the door as quickly as possible as some others would. A great price for a great service.

We support and believe strongly in small businesses, so we decided to find a way to offer affordable and creative websites so that customers could focus the bulk of their time, energy and resources on what they do best - running their business! That is why Hypermagix Studios was created. That is what Hypermagix Studios is all about.

How do we charge so much less?

You should be asking Why is everyone else charging so much?

Large Agency/Corporate Website Design companies have high overhead that is passed on to YOU:

High Fixed Operating Costs

Besides rental of premises and insurance, they incur expensive marketing and advertising costs.

High Salaries

They often employ high-powered creative teams consisting of project managers, graphic designers, coders and marketing specialists to handle a single website.

High Software Costs and Maintenance

They use customized software and complicated content management systems with a high learning curve that can be time-consuming for someone (like you) who needs to run a business.

Consider this...

If you are a small business you will pay an average of $3000-$5000 for this type of website design, and then pay an ongoing hosting and maintenance fee from $200/month and up. Making alterations to the website as your business expands or changes will most probably incur additional costs as well.

Some web design companies take advantage of the average person's lack of understanding of web design to charge massive mark-ups for basic features that should be considered 'standard'.

We take exception to these poor ethics and bad behaviour.

Hypermagix Studios believes that EVERYONE deserves a beautiful, feature-packed, functional website.

The Hypermagix Difference

If you’ve already called another web designer or seen another web design company’s website, you may have noticed that there’s too much jargon and complexity out there. Here’s the good news: we’re nothing like them.

We believe that small businesses do not require a high level of complexity. A user-friendly, well-designed and highly focused site is far more effective to showcase the needs of our clients.

In fact, we believe our sites are better than most because they cut out unnecessary clutter and provide a better user experience through their focus and simplicity.

There are 3 factors that we think gives us a competitive advantage:

We are a small business ourselves

We understand the needs of small business owners who require an online presence but don't want the headache of paying off a website which costs thousands of dollars. You can continue to run your business and leave the website stuff safely to us!

Our operating costs are very low

All our work is done in-house, never outsourced. We are productive, focused and dedicated to every single one of our website design projects. We deliver on time, and provide top-notch aftersales support.

We make effective use of modern web design software & techniques

For many years creative website design was priced out of range of the average small business which needed basic features that big companies were charging an arm and a leg for. With modern web design software, the tools and techniques for building fantastic, standards-compliant websites need not come at a high price anymore.

But, don't just take our word for it… Feel free to compare us to other web design companies and carefully match their features against ours. That way, you'll be able to make a fully-informed decision when determining your website needs.

Our model

We have revised, refined and scaled our business model significantly over the years, reducing our costs while maintaining high standards of consistently creative and highly effective website design.

This process has enabled us to pass on the substantial savings to you, our valued client!

Our niche

One reason we stay small is so that we can remain personally connected with both our clients and the work we produce for them.

We're happy to be the little guy, and our clients tend to value that direct interaction and lack of a management layer.

Our promise

We pride ourselves on the quality and individuality of our work. We promise to work with you to create a visually exciting and original website that makes it simple and smooth for potential customers to reach you.

The Decision is in Your Hands

You can choose to spend thousands of dollars on a website with hidden fees and expensive upgrades…


Get your small business a creative, affordable website with professional support. What are you waiting for?

Get a big business look for a small business price!

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