Do I really need a website?

Do I really need a website?

Imagine meeting a stranger for the first time. It's human nature to size up that person based solely on their outward appearance. After all, you haven't begun a conversation yet so there is no honest way to tell what kind of person he/she is.

Similarly, in today's world of information on the go, it is to be expected that the first time a customer may come into contact with your business in through your website.

They may find it through their desktop computer, mobile phone or tablet, and when they do, FIRST IMPRESSIONS COUNT!

Your customers are busy people. Having a website allows you to:

  • Showcase your business information in the most efficient way to help your prospective customers make faster decisions about engaging you for your services.
  • Enhance the professional image of your business beyond the straightforward advertising aspect that a website provides.
  • Make your business work harder as you are selling your services 24/7 without having to be there! Savvy websites showcase your work so your customers can look you up online at their convenience.
  • Reduce repetitive queries about your business by including all your relevant information laid out for easy reading. A customer can get up-to-date information without having to place a phone call or make a personal visit.

Having a mediocre website that's cluttered, slow to load, poorly designed, contains outdated information or just plain doesn't work due to outdated technology speaks volumes towards your credibility as a business.