Don't Make Them Think

Don't Make Them Think

So, how does Hypermagix Studios find a good balance between a creative, artistic, and original design while still making it intuitive, without losing usability yet still providing good results for your business?

According to Google’s research, users prefer websites that look both simple (low complexity) and familiar (high prototypicality).

People make their aesthetic judgment on your design in less than 50 milliseconds. That first impression can tell them if they want to stay or leave your website or how they feel about your brand, product or business.

There are many early established web conventions and standards like the placement of your logo, navigation, search bar or login link.

All of these standards will help your users to navigate and find what they need much faster.

Designs that contradict what users typically expect of a website may hurt users’ first impression and damage their expectations.

Hypermagix Studios avoids reinventing the wheel. We don’t want to change your users’ expectations from where the navigation is or make them wonder what that icon means. Remember that users are looking for the least resistant way to accomplish their task.

So, simply don’t make them think.